The accumulation of grease deposits in extraction systems present a significant fire hazard. Apart from the fire risk, the accumulation of grease in the extraction system reduces ventilation efficiency resulting in overheating, excessive humidity and a continuing source of unwanted odours.

The HVCA's TR/19 best practice guidance calls for regular specialist cleaning of Extract Systems based on usage. Section 7.35 shows the minimum recommended interval between specialist cleans to be as below;

Frequency of Cleaning

Heavy Use

12 - 16 hours per day

3 monthly

Medium Use

6 - 12 hours per day

6 monthly

Light Use

2 - 6 hours per day

12 monthly

Access hatches should be installed at regular intervals in the duct work so that the interior can be cleaned. We will install access hatches where needed to provide full access to the entire system, to ensure every part of the system gets cleaned.

We work 24/7 around the clock so there will be no disruption to your business.

On completion of your clean you will be issued with a Hygiene Certificate and photos of your clean for your insurance.

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