Before our arrival to your deep clean we ask that the area to be cleaned be fully cleared of all food, pots/pans, utensils etc..

Everything from the ceiling to the floor is cleaned. All tables, equipment etc.. are pulled out to clean behind and underneath everywhere.

All equipment will be completely stripped down and soaked in a tank of caustic soda to remove all those heavily burnt on deposits of grease. All equipment then gets cleaned down using a steamer before being re-assembled and tested.

With our extraction system cleaning everything gets cleaned from the canopy and filters, all the way through the ducting to the fan and until the ducting ends.

Photos are provided for all the areas of ducting which can't be seen.

All fans are degreased, cleaned and tested to ensure they are working efficiently.

Access hatches will be installed on the ducting where required to gain access to clean.

If your current filters aren't functioning effciently then we can take measurements and supply you with new working filters.

To see more photos of our work please go to the Gallery